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PDR Training Course Online

For just $80, you are able to get a complete an online pdr training course with our trainer!

Welcome to our PDR Training Courses online! Sit back and relax and watch our series of detailed videos showing quite a few PDR techniques from starter (finding the tip exercises) to using various tools, pushing dents with rods and glue pulling as well as the hot box and shrinking machine. And the resources are expanding. Whether you are waiting for a hands on PDR training Course or hoping to try beforehand to see how you are at PDR, these videos are certainly worth the investment!

The videos have been produced professionally illustrating the varying techniques at multiple angles. There are step by step instructions added to assist with the various paintless dent removal techniques. More videos are being added to the various sections and PDR online courses. The videos have been grouped into category packages to offer flexibility that best relate to the various techniques.

Please note you do not require to buy all of the packages. If you wish to see all the videos, it is best to pay for the Full Online PDR Course package which has all instructions with the videos.

PDR Course Online
PDR Course Online

The following is a quick 10 second preview sample of our displayed videos.

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Hail Quote Cost Estimator

Hints: How to take photos of dents on cars

PDR Quote Sheet Parts of the vehicle Copyright Hail Dent Repair and PDR Training Australia
PDR Quote Sheet Parts of the vehicle Copyright Hail Dent Repair and PDR Training Australia
  1. Clean your vehicle thoroughly as dents show up better and chose the right light conditions such as cloudy days and evening light
  2. Close-up - Take pictures showing shadows and use lines to outline the dents depth and size (lines get bent in a dent)
  3. Zooming out - Broader picture showing the number of dents
  4. Repeat for EACH panel

*White vehicles are hardest to photograph so we simply use these pictures as guides

** Tiny dents are hard to see but we use special lights to get a proper quotation

***We do know people try get quotes from us to negotiate sales on vehicles so we try to be fair

When using the Dent Quote APP please

The quotation Dent Quote APP below is quick dent quote and upload picture system on your vehicle. It is meant as a quick guide to help speed up your decision process and get guidance from us. To use it we recommend to take pictures first and upload after rather than taking photos from our app:

  • wait until fully uploaded - try smaller to improve speed


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