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Hail Dent Repairs and Hailstorms.

Paintless dent repair is an industry that is expanding rapidly and now of the important methods of hail dent repair. PDR Technicians either solo or in teams travel around and repair dents caused by hailstones or even car park dents. PDR technicians are especially trained and develop experience in removing dents without the need of removing paint. PDR Training is a company who trains people to become PDR Technicians. Anyone with good hand eye co-ordination can master these skills and earn substantial incomes – some say of about $2000 per day in season or about $250000 per year.

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Australia does receive its share of tornadoes, severe hailstorms and other severe storms. In its history, severe hail storms as well as tornadoes have been reported in all areas of the country. Hailstones up to the size of grape fruits were reported in Sydney on the 14th April 1999 Sydney hailstorm. It is important to have a quality insurance cover to make sure your vehicle is protected from damages and the repair process goes smoothly. The compare car insurance rates online can save you time and money if you’re looking for new car insurance. Have you ever had to wait months, even a year to have your vehicle repaired? Is this the first time you have ever faced a hailstorm disaster?
To give you an idea of the size of hailstones that fell in this storm, check the two pictures on this page. But giant hailstones have been reported in Sydney on other occasions: March 7th and March 18th 1990, January 21st 1991, February 12th 1992, October 28th 1995, February 5th 1996 are examples of some of such events.0124mb06 The hail damage from hailstorms can be devastating including hail dents to cars and roofs of houses. Since storm chasing became popular in Australia, giant hailstones causing significant hail dent damage to vehicles have been intercepted several times. Two cases of windscreen damage have been documented by the Australian Severe Weather team. The hailstorm video footage of this hailstorm in Hungary is some of the most incredible I have ever seen involving the obliteration damage of a roof.

Vehicle repair require paintless dent repair or panel body repair companies. The process of paintless hail dent removal or PDR is now required by most insurance companies as a prequisite quote prior to moving on to panel repair companies. PDR technicians use special tools and skills to reverse the dents without damaging paint which would otherwise require respraying or removing the panels.

Hailstones of the giant category are almost always spawned by Supercells that consist of strong, rotating updraughts. These storms are efficient in that they maintain themselves for usually over an hour and even up to several hours. However, sometimes when the lower level winds are ideal, supercells can and have produced tornadoes. Tornado events in recent times include Elsmore NSW tornado on November 6th 1989, Booleroo tornado early November 1992, Merimbula tornado 16th April 1995, 3 tornadoes reported on 29th September 1996, November 3rd and November 5th 2000, Nelson Bay tornadoes 18th November 2001, and most recently Niangala Tornado 13th October 2002. This most recent tornado at Niangala destroyed a double brick house and displaced a man on another property 30 metres from where he was standing. The path of destruction was about 100 metres path as the tornado cut a swathe of destruction in forest.

Australian weather photographs and thunderstorm photographs. The author Jimmy Deguara was in the path of a strong tornado on the northern NSW coast township of Dunoon and intercepted tornado up-close with spectacular explosion of a substation.



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Hailstorms in recent years have occurred in Melbourne during 2010 and late 2011 as well as Perth in 2010.

Luxury cars and accudents

Was driving around today and come across quite a few accidents due to the wet weather. One if them was a luxury car – can’t recall the car. Was wandering if they were insured and what costs? Well take a look at the costs!
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Suzuki Challenging Highways

When I went to the US and Tornado Alley chasing storms and tornadoes in 2001 for the first time, heading out for the first time was exciting. Now it seems like I have covered so much territory and rarely do I get to see new highways! Most importantly though we always practice safety driving within the speed limitations on the various highways and various states. Encountering harsh conditions – reduced visibility and hydroplaning, long drives mean that regular stops perhaps every 2 hours is paramount. This provides comfort and enjoyment in terms of the various sites we get to see across the countryside.
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