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hail dent removalhail dentshail forecastsRepairable Write-Offs from the Canberra Hailstorm

March 18, 2020by admin

Before you call, if you have had a vehicle from Canberra 2020 hailstorm bought at auction (or not) and wish to get a repair quotation, please either accept that we CANNOT provide a quotation over the phone and must be done thoroughly under lights in person. Remember, the vehicles were written off for a reason - why didn't the repairers repair the vehicle in the first place. Repairing a vehicle's body from the Canberra 2020 hailstorm can cost between $2000 to $13000 or even more because

a) the hail was up to golf ball and lasted 10 to 20 minutes with pure hail producing hundreds to thousands of dents

b) the dents require to be checked and some can only be seen under lights

Light hail damage is worth fixing of course but the general consensus from Canberra is that a majority of vehicles were written off in some repair centres.

Buyers wishing to purchase vehicles from the auctions where vehicles were badly damaged beware. Don't say we never warned you! If windows were smashed on these vehicles there MAY be wet electrical wiring etc. You buy at your own risk.

Remember, we repair dents / hail dents and attempt to ensure the paint is preserved. But this of course depends on a number of factors: the quality of the paint itself, the age and how much the hail has pounded the vehicle stretching the metal. Some can be repaired either fully or partially from this hailstorm but some may require painting as well for a genuine job.

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